Beth Kangarlu for Dutchess County Legislature

        Beth Kangarlu for Dutchess County Legislature (East Fishkill )

Beth Kangarlu, a resident of Hopewell Junction, NY, is runnig run for District 12 Dutchess County legislature in November 2013. District 12 includes East Fishkill and Hopewell Junction..

Beth is an advocate for the economic revitalization of Dutchess County.  She has aggressively lobbied for new businesses and employers to move into our County.  Beth is a volunteer for  many local groups such as Anderson Center for Autism, The National Multiple Sclerosis Society, and The National Cancer Society.  She is also a proponent of strong education and Healthcare polcies at county and state level.

As the founder and CEO of Hopewell Health Home Care (HHHC), Beth dedicates her time to citizens' initiatives for solving our country's healthcare problems.  She has launched HHHC in South Dutchess to bring the power of entrepreneurship to care for our senior citizens.  Beth is a strong believer in the strength of market economy and its power to reinvigorate our economy and communities.

Beth and her family live here in Dutchess County.  She believes in American ingenuity and the ability of informed citizens to meet any challenge.  As a small business owner, Beth knows the power of strong leadership.

Ms. Kangarlu was urged to run for public office by many of her friends who had seen her passion for helping others.  She has an open mind for a broad range of solutions that will bring relief to our community’s problems.  Beth plans to bring our County Legislature into the 21st-century to better meet the needs of our county.  Beth will bring new ideas and a fresh approach to Dutches County.


Beth's plans for legislative initiatives

Our county is endowed with notable geographical advantages, which include access to major highways, several airports within the larger metropolitan area, the capital and the Hudson Valley region. The natural beauty of the Catskill region is a tremendous advantage for attracting residents, and thus attracting clusters of similar business.  Key factors for my vision include the following:


The Economy and Jobs:

  1. Take advantage of location attributes and build our economy around them.
  2. Diversify our economy to minimize external economic shocks, focusing on some key objectives:
  3. Support the growth of small local businesses.
  4. Provide adequate and efficient infrastructure and other vital public services to retain larger employers in the area.
  5. Attract high-paying businesses, which can organically integrate with our economy.
  6. Invest in education and training to offer skilled labor force.
  7. Invest in clean drinking water and processes such as the decomposition of wastes (known as ecosystem services).


Education for a Globally Competitive Economy:

  1. Invest in our community college (DCC) to develop a globally competitive workforce.
  2. Provide training for supporting ecological services to achieve high economic value.  That will move the County ahead with the United Nations’ Millennium Ecosystem Goals.
  3. Evaluate our needs for expansion of the nurses’ training to support the County’s major employers—the healthcare sector.
  4. Dedicate the South Campus for developing our labor force for the new economy.
  5. Offer adult education and training to fist-time offenders in our correctional facilities/prison system to minimize their long-run cost to the county.

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